Back at work – how to safeguard your mental well-being


It has been a challenging year, and mental health is under pressure. The COVID-19 period has drained many of us of energy. That can have an impact not only on our well-being and health, but also on our motivation and performance. 

Fortunately, we are gradually beginning to reopen society. But that does not mean that the stress and struggle to thrive experienced during COVID-19 will disappear overnight. Therefore, we all need to be aware of how to prevent ‘pandemic stress’ and help safeguard well-being and equilibrium both in ourselves and others. 

You play a vital role

This webinar will provide you with insight into how prolonged lockdown and isolation affects people, and the impact this can have on your well-being and performance. We will also look at what you need to be alert to when returning to work. For example, you will learn about:

• How to spot common reactions to pandemic stress both in yourself and your colleagues

• How to ‘rehabilitate’ your nervous system for a life involving more social contact

• What you can do together to prevent and manage delayed mental complications and how you can safeguard one another’s well-being and equilibrium

• How you and your colleagues can enhance the protective factors in the work environment: for example, healthy relationships and psychological peace of mind


You will have the opportunity to ask questions about how best to prepare for a new normal at work.

The webinar is held online, and you can participate via computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Vibeke Lunding-Gregersen, CEO of Mindwork and psychologist

CEO of Mindwork and approved psychologist (cand.psych.), Mindwork Psykologisk Center ApS

Vibeke Lunding-Gregersen is a certified specialist approved psychologist, the CEO of Mindwork and a Health and Safety Consultant authorised by the Danish Working Environment Authority. She is also the co-author of the best-selling book Hjernen på overarbejde – derfor er compassion vores vej til et bæredygtigt liv og samfund (The Overworked Brain. Why Compassion is our way to Sustainable Life and Society) (2018) and Kort og Godt om Compassion (Compassion in Short) (2019).

Vibeke is much in demand as both leadership coach and Keynote Speaker and she often is participating in international research and development work. Focussing on mental sustainability her work involves leadership development and employee development in both public and private organisations.
Compassion-based approaches have been at the heart of Mindwork’s work with individuals, groups and organisations since 2014.

Jesper Steensen, Director, PFA Erhverv

Director, PFA Erhverv